Milk and Peanut Free

This web site is dedicated to helping individuals find products that do not contain (or even have the possibility of being cross contaminated by) milk, peanuts or tree nuts. We also provide warnings.

In the future, we plan to provide more lists of "safe" products and recipes as well as some links, discussion, and recommended books.. Of course you shouldn't take our word on anything and should verify all information for yourself because you can never be too careful.

Use this site at your own risk.

Click Here for Products that may have undeclared milk or nuts in them.

Click Here for some recipes.

Click Here for Products found to be free from ANY traces of BOTH Milk and Peanuts.

No matter what anyone says, or what you read (INCLUDING everything on this web site), ALWAYS check the product label before testing a new food item on yourself or your child. Even if you always buy the same food items, check the label for unannounced changes.

Always monitor your children when they are eating.

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